About Career CoLabs

We help people become smarter, stronger, better versions of themselves at work to achieve career satisfaction. 

Career CoLabs is a small, global career, talent, and workplace management, consulting, and educational firm. We help people achieve work satisfaction and success through data-driven solutions. 
We're a "done with you" firm whose mission is to provide career and workplace satisfaction solutions for an optimized, humanized, and healthier evolving workforce. Our programs assist people at work in creating campaigns to achieve their personal and professional goals.
We believe in human-centered workplaces, work-life balance, and work that is (mostly) fun. At Career CoLabs, we help people unapologetically create their own rules and take control of their careers, lives, and futures to experience more engagement and satisfaction in life and work.  

Data-Driven, Strategic Systems, Functional Strategy, Step by Step Guidance 

Our programs are designed to dig deeper into details and understand needs to design solutions that fit. Using data-driven programs, ongoing beta testing, data collection, and analysis of current and future workforce trends, we offer focused solution-driven methods to help people move confidently to the next steps in their careers.

Career Agility Training and Entrepreneurial Principles to Strengthen your Position in the Workforce

Approach your career with the same dedication and organization as a business. Globalization has increased competition in the marketplace by opening up economies and possibilities for everyone. Our work is based on entrepreneurial principles and strategies to help you stand out in a saturated market where rapidly evolving technology has created a world of virtual and global connectivity and possibilities. 

Integrative Workforce Solutions and Collaboration

Advanced training in organizational psychology and leadership, executive coaching, human behavior, cognition and psychology, workplace wellness, and entrepreneurship enables us to provide targeted and thoughtful strategy and guidance. Our subject matter experts work side by side with our clients to envision, plan, strategize, and take action to reach their career and life goals.

Analytical and Solution Focused 

Targeted resources, guidance, and implementation brings clarity, focus, and direction so that you make confident decisions about your next best moves.

I know that people do not need another battery of assessments, book about passion and purpose, talk about all of the things they like and do not like, discussion about endless possibilities, or aimless quest that doesn't get them anywhere. 

These offer nothing without thoughtful analysis, clarity, focus, committed action, and strategic execution. 

Human-Centered, Wellness-Supported, Emotional Science, and Support 

Burnout, stress, and difficult emotions sometimes become too heavy, complicated, and hinder our effectiveness and performance. Emotions are an unavoidable part of the human condition, but we can leverage them for strength. We support performance and wellness at work through cognition, psychology, and emotional intelligence training. 

Implementation and Execution

Our programs are not as much training programs as they are implementation and execution programs. You will learn strategies, but more importantly, you will have comprehensive, step-by-step, guidance and strategic action plans that leave nothing out and take nothing for granted as you implement and execute. The end result: a solid foundation and process for your career transition that you will use over and over throughout your career.  

Our systems provide people with insight, clarity, direction, focus, and strategy to help them navigate and execute successful career change and growth

In a world of infinite possibilities, we understand how challenging and overwhelming it is to sort through options and make decisions about your next moves. Take your time, identify your needs, and make a plan - together, we've got this. 

Global Practice and Online Classrooms

Our career and workplace counseling programs take place around the world. We serve a global clientele using video conferencing and our online classrooms and learning labs.


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