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Our therapists are cross-trained in organizational behavior and mental health to assist professionals and organizations in becoming smarter, stronger, and healthier in work and life.

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Kristen Tolbert, EdD, LPC

Dr. Kristen Tolbert is a corporate psychotherapist working with professionals and organizations to help them improve wellness and performance in work and life. 

She addresses job-related burnout, stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, confidence, workplace conflict, communication, and partnership disputes, performance, career transitions, upward career mobility. leadership, management, and business.  

Kristen holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and a Master's in Counseling Psychology. She practices psychodynamic psychotherapy and she is licensed in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania and she also works with international clients.  

Kristen provides training, mentoring, and board-required Clinical Supervision to Professional Counselors seeking state board licensure.

Kristen Carty, LCSW

*Accepting new patients 

Kristen is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in workplace mental health.

Kristen specializes body psychotherapy and performance coaching for young professionals to help them improve wellness and performance in work and life. 

She addresses stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, social anxiety, confidence, personal and family relationships. 

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Kristen spent 13 years as a Casting Director in NYC where she provided performance coaching and talent development to professional actors and entertainers. 

Kristen holds a Master's degree in Social Work and she is licensed in Virginia and Florida and she also works with international clients.  

Kristen provides mentoring and board-approved Clinical Supervision and training to Social Workers seeking state board licensure.


Lynne Healey, LMHC

*Not accepting new patients 

Lynne has over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and owns Clinical Solutions of South Florida; a practice specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression and related disorders.

Lynne works with first responders and healthcare professionals as a trauma therapist and as a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Team.

Lynne's treatment orientation is trauma-focused and client-centered. She is EMDR certified.

Lynne provides professional development and board-required Clinical Supervision and training to Professional Counselors seeking state board licensure in Florida.

Daniel Balva, PhD(c), Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 

*Not accepting patients 

Daniel offers career counseling and works with anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Daniel is a Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology program at the University of Georgia where he teaches and supervises graduate students. He is completing a residency with the Department of Veteran's Affairs working with veterans with PTSD. Daniel is the Immediate Past-President of The Florida Counseling Association. 



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If we do not participate in your specific insurance plan, your services may be covered “out of network.” Some have found that their out of pocket costs for out of network providers were similar to their copayment.

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