Analyzing Personal Performance and Productivity for Better Time Management

productivity time study Jul 10, 2019

Some of us are sprinters at work.

We work in long, all-in, intense bursts. Then, we need rest to recover. That’s an important part of the performance cycle too.

Often, we have a hard time claiming that for ourselves because of imposed judgment from others or because we're not maximizing our time optimally.

If you can’t take the time, build in your rest periods with tasks with lower intensity and less cognitive drain.

You’re probably doing it automatically anyway but with unproductive distractions and less control.

My clients are doing time studies over the next few weeks to prepare for Q3 and track and analyze how they are spending their time.

They’re coding for activities, energy levels throughout the day, moods, emotions, thoughts, distractions, procrastination, unconscious habits and patterns, etc.

We will analyze their data to tweak and optimize their productivity and performance.

Conduct your own time study and note your patterns. I bet you’ll...

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