Use If This, Then That Conditions to Improve Productivity

Are you having trouble managing your to-do lists? Try If This, Then That triggers. 

If I finish X task from boring task list, then I can do Y task from fun task list. (Eat that Frog Strategy) 

  1. Identify the things you are resistant to, procrastinate on, and avoid. Make a list of all of thins things you’re not getting done. 
  2. Identify the tasks you are less resistant to, enjoy more, and have fun doing. Make a list of all of these things. 
  3. Categorize your tasks by type. (For example, Marketing, Fitness, Administrative,  
  4. Create your If this, then that trigger. If I do thing from X list, I can do thing from Y list. (Eat that frog first!) 

Hold yourself accountable, make micro-movements, and stack on your progress.

If you find that you are still having trouble getting things from the X list, then commit to micro-movements from that list.

For example, exercise for five minutes, do one task from unfun list, or spend five minutes on unfun task, then...

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