Stay Focused on What Matters Most

Uncategorized May 06, 2019

I used to work with hardcore juvie kids in the community.

They were gun-toting gangsters and drug dealers with terrible impulse control and underdeveloped decision-making skills.

I still can’t believe I ever did that work. It was dangerous.

But, they were human and I learned a whole lot about seeing people eye to eye, digging deeper, and engagement.

One of the strategies that we used to get buy-in and lower their defenses (engagement) when they were getting into too much trouble with the police and in school was, “Let’s make you less of a target. This is what we need to do…”

We worked within context.

This applies to us at work too.

Many of us are doers, advocates, idealists, and perfectionists with strong personalities. Some things are well worth the good fight, and some just aren’t.

I often say to my people, "You are focusing on the wrong shit." 

We need to be clear about what matters most, where to focus our energy, and keep focused on what we have control over.  

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