Managing Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2019

It’s not easy putting yourself out there. We are making ourselves vulnerable. We are taking risks. We will make mistakes. We are opening ourselves up to rejection and criticism. That is not necessarily fun, but it is necessary for growth and it builds grit. ⁣

"I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them." — Pablo Picasso  

Managing Confidence and Imposter Syndrome.

The key to building unshakeable confidence is being willing to laugh at yourself and accept failures as part of growth. By not caring too much about what other people think and letting other people’s criticism roll off of you. ⁣

Be kind and gentle with yourself. We are all failing every day. No one has their shit together all of the time. We must be willing to push ourselves through discomfort to get ahead. Otherwise, everything becomes a non-starter. ⁣

Confidence and vulnerability work together. Be afraid and courageous at the same time.


  • Make a plan to develop skills and confidence in the areas where you feel weak. 
  • What will it take for you to feel confident about your skills and yourself? 
  • What does a confident person do? What do they know that you do not know and do? 
  • In what areas are you strong? Write a professional bio. These are great confidence builders. 
  • Create a professional development plan to improve your skills and knowledge. What kind of training and research can you do to improve your skills? Find a mentor, beta tester, or people to talk through ideas. 
  • Get validation for your thoughts and skills. See if you’re missing the mark and also where you’re hitting the mark. 
  • Dial into the voice that got you here. Acknowledge the progress you’ve made. Tap into the alter ego that has wisdom, strength, and resiliency. 
  • Push through discomfort. 
  • Remember that it takes some time to move through the learning curve. 
  • Keep a file or board with reminders of your wins, successes, and achievements. 
  • Check out the book, Alter Ego by Todd Herman. 

Too much perfection wastes time and results in lost opportunities. “Don’t let perfect keep you from being great.” ⁣

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