In-House HR Management Consulting and Professional Development Programs

Organizational management consulting and training programs. Provide professional development resources for your employees. Career CoLabs manages human capital, talent development, upward career mobility, professional development, and outplacement for smarter, stronger, better teams and organizations.

Corporate Outplacement and Transition Programs

Offer separating employees  programs and services to support and assist them with their career and job transitions to shorten the length of time between transitions. 

Partnerships and Licensing for Organizations

Licensing and Partnerships for Colleges and Universities, Community Agencies, and Organizations dedicated to career and professional development and employee engagement. 

In-House Professional Development Programs

Offer professional development coaching and training programs to employees to improve workplace skills, performance and productivity, provide emotional support and wellness at work, and more.  

Performance Coaching

Improve individual and team performance and productivity with performance coaching to strengthen collective organizational talent. 

Organizational Leadership

Leadership development programs to strengthen management teams and improve employee engagement, productivity, and corporate wellness initiatives to increase alignment between employees, teams, leadership, and organizational goals. mission, and vision. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

Offer wellness programs to employees to increase corporate engagement, provide emotional support and wellness at work, improve performance and productivity, and more.  


Online Portal

Access anytime, anywhere on desktop, tablet, or phone. No downloads required.

Lessons and Training

Access Lessons, Training, and Resource File Library 24/7.

Accountability, Mindset, and Productivity

Maintain focus and productivity, build momentum, stack progress, and create winning habits to achieve goals.

Dedicated Support and Hands-On Strategy

Dedicated coaches show employees how to apply strategies, ideas, and tools.

Organizational Psychology

Advanced training in organizational psychology, performance coaching, analysis, corporate psychology, leadership, executive coaching, workplace wellness, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship to provide thoughtful, targeted strategy and guidance.

Research and Data Backed Methods

Using qualitative research methods, we collect and analyze data from employee responses and experiences allowing themes and patterns to emerge from the data from which we will conceptualize, organize, and analyze to make informed decisions about strategy.

Community Forum

A private online community for your teams to connect with one another and our team consultants to help employees meet their goals.

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