Organizational and Executive Performance Coaching  

We help people and organizations  become stronger, smarter, and better versions of themselves at work through professional development, career satisfaction, performance, and agility coaching and training programs.

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Consultants and Coaches

Our team of consultants and coaches offer performance coaching, career coaching, leadership development, human resources and organizational consulting, and executive coaching services.

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Professional Development Sessions

Receive performance and professional development coaching sessions with tactical guidance for navigating upward career mobility and challenging workplace situations such as decision making, burnout, imposter syndrome, managing performance and productivity, goal accountability, career advancement, leadership development and management, self-sabotage, managing emotions, finding "your voice," how to say it, toxic workplaces, partnership disputes, workplace politics, workplace bullies and saboteurs, and more

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Data Driven, Results Focused, Wellness Supported, Strategic Systems, and Step by Step Guidance and Accountability

Our systems provide people with insight, clarity, direction, focus, and strategy to help them navigate career challenges and execute satisfying career changes.  Manage obstacles that derail you and execute strategies, plans, and new skills that take you to higher levels of success.

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Actionable Resources and Systems to Guide You in Your Career

Download one of my Career Management Workbooks or Planners below for actionable, momentum-building, strategic guidance perfectly paired with the current stage of your life and career.


Work Intelligence: Be Your Best Self at Work 

Cognition and Psychology Based Performance, Satisfaction, and Career Agility coaching and training programs for peak performance and wellness at work

Careers Reinvented: Career Agility for the Modern Workforce 

Consultant guided Professional Development training programs to reinvent your career, make upward career transitions, and develop career agility for satisfying and sustainable careers.

Upward Career Mobility Programs and Workshops

Ready to Start Working on Your Next Moves in Your Career?

Choose a program below and receive systems, coaching, strategic guidance, lessons, guides, cheat sheets, swipe files, templates, sequences, checklists, productivity tips, and more.

Career Analysis: An Actionable System for Navigating and Executing Career Change™

A twelve week Career Analysis program that teaches you how to reinvent your career, make upward career transitions, and develop career agility for satisfying and sustainable careers.

Identify desirable career and life opportunities that are aligned with your interests and personal and professional growth goals.

Explore and analyze interests, skills, talents, personality, satisfaction factors, job market opportunities, professional development, and more.

Get unstuck, find direction, focus, create wins, and experience a sense of career and life satisfaction. 

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Career Transition Strategy Workshops: Map Your Next Moves

Choose from one of the Nine Career Transition Modules corresponding with the current stage of your transition for a hands-on workshopping session. 

Whether you are considering growth and change in your career, job, and life, or promotion, legacy work, or entrepreneurship, we will guide you there by clarifying goals and providing strategic guidance for the next stage of your career in one intensive workshop and action planning session. 

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