An Entrepreneurial Approach to Navigating the Modern Workforce

In these comprehensive playbooks for the modern workforce, learn how to navigate your career and workplace using the same rules entrepreneurs use.

Career Analysis, Discovery, and Personal Branding

Analyze and refine your personal brand and discover the ideal career direction for you. Identify and approach desirable career and life opportunities that are aligned with your interests, and personal and professional growth goals. Analyze and explore interests, skills, talents, personality, satisfaction factors, and more. Get unstuck, find direction, focus, create wins, and experience a sense of career and life satisfaction. 

Job Transition: Prepare and Execute your Job Search and Transition

A Guided Job Transition Program that will guide you successfully through job change. Execute an organized, systematic job management strategy to land your next job. Receive step by step guidance and accountability through the entire job application and transition sequence from organizing, managing, searching, preparing, applying, interviewing, and following up. 

Work Intelligence: Be Your Best Self at Work

Cognition and Psychology Based Work Performance, Satisfaction, and Career Agility coaching and training programs for peak performance, productivity, and wellness at work. Tactical guidance for navigating career growth and challenging situations such as burnout, toxic workplaces, workplace bullies and saboteurs, imposter syndrome, managing performance and productivity, goal accountability, career advancement, leadership development, management, and more.

Part I: Clarity and Decision Making

What do you really want? Engage in personal and professional discovery to identify your interests, skills, satisfaction factors, and more. Gain clarity in a world of infinite options and possibilities and focus on the reality you want to create and the results you want to achieve.  



Part II: Strategic and Tactical Moves 

Identify opportunities, narrow options, make calculated decisions, clarify and refine your brand and direction, and strategically chart your course. Stand out and navigate a saturated market where rapidly evolving technology has created a world of virtual and global connectivity and possibilities.

Part III: Momentum and Grit. 

Maintain the cognitive and emotional sustenance to stay the course. Execute and make micro-movements of action, maintain focus and productivity, build momentum, stack progress, and create winning habits to achieve goals and experience wins. 



Part IV: Business Acumen and Entrepreneurial Mindset

Think and execute like an entrepreneur to gain competitive advantage, develop career agility, and make yourself indispensable in the workforce.


Successfully Navigate Career Change

Discover and refine your personal brand for work you love and work that loves you back.

  • Consultant guided, step by step coaching for finding career direction, refining your personal brand, leveraging your transferable skills, landing the job, and creating satisfying career opportunities.

  • Find a career path and jobs that you are proud of, are satisfying, and stop settling for less than you desire or are capable of. 
  • Learn how to evaluate your options, make informed decisions, and create a strategic plan to navigate the next steps in your career.
  • Narrow your options and make decisions that are authentically aligned with what you want most and that make the most sense for you. 
  • Discover your career direction and target opportunities that were made for you. 
  • Learn the same strategies that businesses use to build their brands and grow and evolve to withstand inevitable economic and technological changes.
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